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    "360-Degrees Lives" is a series of semispherical, 360-degree panoramic videos taken with a small camera. The shots provide a wide-ranging look at the lives of animals and insects cared for at zoos and other facilities. Users can view images taken from rare angles of prairie dog pups approaching the camera buried in the ground as well as beetles skillfully walk on top of the lenses.

    Sunfish lacks ribs, ventral fins like its relative, the pufferfish

    June 23, 2021 update!

    You can enjoy it on the full screen by clicking the "FULL" button in the upper right.(Depending on the terminal, it may not be displayed correctly. The recommendation browser is "Google Chrome".)

    The ocean sunfish, which looks like it’s missing the rear half of its body, is popular for its appearance among admirers of sea creatures.

    It lacks ribs like its relative, the pufferfish, and also has a similar skeletal structure, according to Tameyoshi Yo, a staff member at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise.

    Unlike the pufferfish, however, the ocean sunfish has no need to inflate itself to protect itself from predators.

    ... (By TOSHIYUKI TAKEYA/ Staff Writer)

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